Evaulation of Assets in High Net Worth Divorce

A divorcing couple with substantial assets – – including investment accounts, bank accounts, real estate, and various business ventures – – required the expertise of a forensic accountant. We evaluated the assets at the time of the premarital agreement, identifying significant assets that were undisclosed when the prenuptial agreement was signed. Sequence Inc. traced assets acquired and disposed during the marriage, documenting the assets at the date of separation. Our work ensured that all assets were accounted for so that a fair division of assets could be made.

High Net Worth Divorce Lifestyle Analysis

Tracy Coenen and Sequence Inc. were retained by a divorcing spouse who brought substantially all assets to the marriage, with little to no contribution to marital assets or expenses by husband. A prenuptial agreement was in place, giving the husband spousal support payments in an amount determined based on the marital lifestyle for the last five years of the marriage.

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Complex Divorce Analysis: Business Owner Hiding Income

Tracy Coenen was retained by the spouse in a high net worth divorce who believed her husband was using his business to hide earnings and assets, and ultimately escape paying spousal support. He filed a modification action, claiming that the net income of the business was substantially lower than the net income at the time the divorce was finalized.

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