Lifestyle Analysis

lifestyle-analysis-divorceTracy Coenen and Sequence Inc. specialize in lifestyle analysis in divorce cases. We are adept at tracing funds through a web of complicated bank, brokerage, and credit card accounts. Not only do we track historical spending, we also search for hidden income and assets and we can project future needs.

A thorough lifestyle analysis is not focused just on recording and categorizing spending. The divorce financial analyst must also look at recurring, ordinary expenses versus unusual, non-recurring expenses. Throughout this process, we are looking for clues that might point to hidden sources of income, hidden assets, and dissipation of marital assets.

This part of the divorce process is so important because it can directly impact the division of assets and awards of maintenance and child support. Once the lifestyle analysis is completed, we can examine future needs and potential settlements, projecting the future financial condition of the parties.  We help clients determine whether a proposed divorce settlement – – which may seem fair now – – will offer financial security into the future.

As a forensic accountant, Tracy Coenen is frequently called upon to provide testimony in deposition or at trial. If necessary in your divorce case, she will provide expert witness testimony on the financial issues.