High Net Worth Divorce Lifestyle Analysis

Tracy Coenen and Sequence Inc. were retained by a divorcing spouse who brought substantially all assets to the marriage, with little to no contribution to marital assets or expenses by husband. A prenuptial agreement was in place, giving the husband spousal support payments in an amount determined based on the marital lifestyle for the last five years of the marriage.

During the last five years of the marriage, the husband engaged in activities that substantially dissipated the wife’s assets. These activities included online pornography, the purchase of a residence for a mistress, extravagant jewelry purchases for a mistress, spa treatments and living expenses paid for a mistress, purchases of products for an alleged business venture, alcohol and entertainment not related to the marital lifestyle, and more.

We analyzed spending during the last five years of the marriage, analyzing numerous bank and credit card accounts with a high level of activity. All expenses were classified in relevant categories, and the amounts spent on “non-marital” activities (those involving mistresses or other secret activities) were highlighted so these could be excluded from any “martial lifestyle” calculated under the pre-marital agreement.