Divorce Investigations by Tracy Coenen, Forensic Accountant and Fraud Investigator

Chicago Forensic Accounting and Lifestyle Analysis for Divorce Cases

Your high net worth divorce case deserves the very best in forensic accounting assistance. Tracy Coenen and Sequence Inc. perform financial investigations for family law matters in which there may be hidden income, concealed assets, and dissipation of marital assets.

Tracy is retained in high profile divorce cases her our exceptional skills, her discretion on sensitive matters, and her accessibility for our clients and their attorneys.

As a divorce financial analyst, Tracy figures out where the money went, what assets are owned, and what earnings may be available for spousal support and child support. She is an experienced expert witness, having testified in deposition and trial more than 80 times. Tracy has been qualified as an expert witness in both state and federal courts. Sequence Inc. is based in Milwaukee and Chicago, but we accept cases nationwide.

The only way to level the playing field is with a qualified forensic accountant who is experienced in high-stakes divorce and independent in her conclusions. Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting can complete a lifestyle analysis, search for unreported income, find hidden assets, critically analyze personal and business finances, and testify about the numbers in court.